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Shotgun Pattern Pro is a comprehensive shotgun and shooting guide. Regardless of your level of shotgun and shooting ability, knowledge and experience, whether you're just beginning, an expert, or somewhere in between. We cover everything that you want and need to know.

The 10 Section Guide and Forum will help you fine tune your shotgun and skills so you can hit what you are shooting at. If you are serious about shotguns and want to improve your shooting skills and knowledge; If you're ready to consistently bag more birds and bust more targets, let's get started. 

To begin, register as a member by selecting JOIN from the top menu or click here. The upper menu will now display the 10 Section Guide, and private chat will appear. This will allow you to freely move between the Members Area and the 10 Section Guide. Or continue as a guest. To navigate, follow the top menu, the back button, or the highlighted words.

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