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SHOTGUN PATTERN PRO specializes in Shotguns. We are the Internet's best online Guide and Reference source for Information, Articles, Research, and News of interest for Shotgun enthusiasts and shooters everywhere. There is no other company or website that covers specifically what we do. We built the innovative online Guide and Information website for men, women, and youth of all ages and abilities. We believe there is a common bond between Shotgun and Sporting enthusiasts and we are committed to engaging with those individuals and sharing with them online.

Shotgun Pattern Pro provides the best online platform. This platform is more than just news and information; it is the manner in which we convey relevant information and technical content to our readers, in a concise and understandable way. Our mission has and always will be to provide our readers and members with the latest Shotgun Guide, News, Information, Articles, Research, and Technical data.

Founder Bryan (Buck) Engen has been an avid Shooter, Fisherman, Conservationist, Outdoorsman and Second Amendment supporter for many years. He continues his research to increase scientific knowledge and to solve problems, develop new processes, products and techniques of and for the Shotgun, Choke, Ballistics: interior-within the shotgun; exterior-after the projectile (or projectiles) leaves the shotgun barrel; terminal-impact on a target, and Ammunition and Accessories. His shooting, research, teaching and sharing experiences led him to create Shotgun Pattern Pro, which he founded in 2012.

Everyone on our staff supports the 2nd Amendment and most are experienced shooters and outdoor persons. We are proud of our success and grateful to our many readers and members. Shotgun Pattern Pro is dedicated to you and the shooting sports.

What We Do 

Sharing information with shotgun and sporting enthusiasts is the purpose of Shotgun Pattern Pro. You will find a wealth of information, articles, how-to, research, and technical information about Shotguns, Shooting, Buying Guide, Selection and Fit, Safety, Shooting Technique, Gun Care, Hunting, Home/Self Defense, Gunsmithing, Ammunition, Reloading, Chokes, Ballistics, Patterns, Patterning, Point of Impact, Shot Strings, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Game/Target Choke guides, Shotgun versatility and many others. Plus the Shotgun Guide, miscellaneous news, information and articles about Sporting, Outdoors, Wildlife Conservation, 2nd Amendment, and other topics of interest requested by our readers.

Shotgun Pattern Pro consists of two sections, the Main site and the Member Site Forum. The Main site offers a wide range of information, how-to and features and is linked with the Member Forum. Guests can view the Member Forum, but to interact you must Register. The Forum presents specific articles and in-depth information, along with tips, how-to, questions and answers, private messenger, and Ask-A-Gunsmith.

We explain the Shotgun's unique and numerous qualities, uses, versatility and ballistics. The shotgun has become the people's gun of choice in the 21st century, because of its versatility and many qualities. The modern shotgun can be configured to many applications and specifications including Competition Shooting, Wing shooting, Small Game, Deer and Turkey hunting, Home/Self defense, as well as Military and Law enforcement (tactical) uses. Shotgun use, production, technical innovation and everything related to the shotgun, has increased dramatically in recent years.

We provide the Ten Section Guide and Forum that covers everything related to the shotgun and shooter. We will explain and walk you through everything from Shotgun fit, point of impact, point of aim, chokes, ammunition, ballistics and much, much more.

Shotgun Pattern Pro strives to be the best at what we do and will continuously provide new information, articles and research to serve you. Through our ongoing collaborative effort you will be better informed, safety conscious and a more effective shooter.


Founder: Bryan (Buck) Engen
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